I of the Storm is a riches-to-rags success story in which a common man attains enlightenment by realizing the harsh and simple fact that when all is lost, there is nothing left to lose. RJ Bartholomew falls from the towers of finance to become a homeless street poet. Once ensconced behind a mahogany desk making questionable deals, he now sits on a plastic milk crate and shares his true riches – anecdotes, parables, songs, and poetry. This new solo riff has a revolutionary arc and a clear and consistent message – hope for the world, faith in something bigger than us, and love for all life. Not without a dark side, I of the Storm features a bombastic 20 minute rant exposing the undercurrent of past and present woes that challenge RJ's noble mission. The elevator pitch? Arrested Development's "Mr. Wendal" meets Samuel Beckett's "Godot."


I of the Storm opens Off Broadway this September at The Gym at Judson in Greenwich Village.