thoughts on the closing of gym at judson run...

our final days

and there are still ways,

with what we've got,

to take one more shot

and find

peace of mind

knowing we tried,


the works

to see what lurks

past one more push

or email “whoosh”

or any form

to promote the “storm”

the “i”

and why

we chose this play

went this way

to express,


a chord that was struck

by grace, not luck

a sense that arose

and maybe still grows 

that the message we hear

is clear

right now and right here:

we are not alone

what a great tone

to set

and let


so this is my plea

that we

stay the course

access “the force” 

reveal the source

to just a few more

let the hope pour

out and beyond 

the bonds 

that tie







inside this whimper

there’s still a roar

behind that simper

is always one more


to grab hold,

seat to be sold

who know’s what’s in store

if we remain bold

and keep searching for

alchemy’s gold