just sit...

just sit
and fit
into the day
the noise
put space
round the race
to the top

and wait
don’t bait
or drill
be still 

the answer’s there
if you care
to listen
nothin’s missin’
stop worryin’
lost and found
it’s bound
to be worse
you’ll curse
the day
oy vey
on a mission

don’t talk
not a thing
take a walk
maybe sing
the song
you long
to air
is rare
it calms
the mind
a balm
for time
it soothes
your soul
the goal
to simply be
and see

just sit
and fit
into the day
you got it made
don’t be afraid
to tell the truth
it’s not uncouth
to just slow down
‘stead of racin’ all around
dodging questions, killin’ joys
buyin' electronic toys
aren’t you tired
bein’ wired
to your pda?

just sit
and fit
into the day
don't give a thought
to battles you fought
and lemons you bought
or lessons not taught
it wasn't for naught
the jobs that you sought
and bugs that you caught
the pain that was wrought
you ought
to be able
to table
it all
yeah, just let it fall
at your feet
as you greet
a new day
it’s really okay
not to say
a thing
let the telephone ring

not lonely - alone
not clueless - unknown
the need
to feed
let go
then you’ll know
what life can be
of charge
and so at large
stop searching
just look
quit lurching
and book
can't live if you're clinging
or carp if you’re singing
don't fix it
or nix it
leave off, let it be
c’mon wait and see
you’ll love it
being in the world, not of it

take your time
still your mind
and go
with the flow
the rush
the din
that makes your head spin
simply feel
what’s real
don’t fake it
or make it
go away

just sit
and fit
into the day